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Mason Hammer Builders Inc. continues to set the benchmark of excellence with craftsmanship, unsurpassed construction management and innovative design with state of the art technologies. The quality of construction goes beyond the finished product. Mason Hammer’s impeccable attention falls into every aspect throughout the construction process. We create outstanding homes from beautiful architectural designs with the professional know-how to stay on budget and within our scheduled timeframe.  Mason Hammer prides itself on forming great relationships with our clients while educating them throughout the construction process.

 Mason Hammer’s pricing and estimate process gives clients meticulously detailed, line by line components of each of the construction costs. Nothing is hidden and there are no surprises. Our revenue is based off a percentage of all construction costs. That percentage is typically lower than our competition which makes Mason Hammer a viable choice for the quality of services provided. Clients appreciate our open book accounting and billing process. They see all Subcontractor direct costs for each trade and exactly how Mason Hammer’s profit is calculated.

 We have outstanding references from past and current clients and we encourage prospective clients to speak to them about their experience with Mason Hammer.  We are always happy to take potential clients to visit some our current job sites so they can personally view Mason Hammer’s excellent quality of construction.

Call us today for a Pre-Construction Consultation to get your project started on the right track! 

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Pre-Construction Services:

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 At Mason Hammer, we know that most homeowners are not familiar with construction process and the costs involved. We educate our clients throughout the process so they are well informed and know what to expect. We feel strongly that the sooner we are brought on board to join the Owner/Architect team, the more educated the owner will become in making critical decisions, before the final design is completed.

 Mason Hammer offers all of our Pre-construction Services free of charge. We encourage Owners/Architects to meet with us to review their drawings even if they are still at the Schematic Design Phase. We will compile a basic construction estimate, plus assemble a detailed Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule, review this with the client, and offer our opinion on the details of the project.

After Schematic Design Phase:

  •  Review drawings and provide basic cost estimating data based on square foot unit pricing
  • Offer estimating workshop session for owner to price different scenarios, value engineering suggestions, price per quality recommendations, brain storm dream home options
  • Compile a CPM schedule to show Owner typical durations.  Include Owner decision milestones such as:  window order, cabinet shop drawings, plumbing valves, fireplace selection, flooring, etc.
  •  Review drawings for potential construction issues:  size of kitchen, location and number of bathrooms, gravity systems, elevation consistency, acoustic considerations, etc.

After Design Development Phase:

  •  Review drawings and provide detailed cost estimating data based on actual quantity takeoffs
  •  Offer estimating workshop with Owner/Architect participating, price actual scenarios
  • Refine CPM schedule to accurately reflect current drawing construction durations
  • Review drawings for detail of construction:  roof tie-ins, waterproofing solutions, wet wall locations, house orientation to wet exposure

After Construction Documents Phase:

  • Competitively bid project with select list of pre- qualified sub contractors